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The LEXEL™ AC-530 Resonator Stabilizer Overview
The patented LEXEL™ AC-530 Resonator Stabilizer Solid Invar Resonator Structure has long been recognized as one of the most mechanically and thermally stable optical resonators available commercially for Ion Lasers.

It has been adapted to our  LEXEL™ SHG laser operation with great success, as well as a being used as a stable platform for generating high power single frequencies.

LEXEL™ Lasers, when operated in standard laboratory conditions, at fixed power levels, produce extremely stable power and beam-pointing stability for extended periods of time.

The complexity of the resonator requires that all optical and structural components of the optical resonator be held at the same relative temperature, if long-term stability is to be maintained. All Lasers routinely achieve this level of stability if the laser is running continuously for several hours.

However, when a stable, warmed-up, laser is shut off, and then restarted under “cold” conditions, it may take some time for all the resonator components to acquire the former thermal conditions to continue the operation at the previously stable level.  Most operators become impatient with this long warm up time until the former thermal conditions are achieved.  Thankfully, our LEXEL™ AC 530 solves this problem!

The latest LEXEL™ Lasers can be equipped with a new optional feature called a “AC 530 Resonator Stabilizer”. The purpose of this Stabilizer is to allow the laser to be restarted at a stable level (with a relatively short “warm-up”) after an extended “OFF” period, without having to wait several hours for the optical resonator to acquire the former thermal conditions.

The use of the LEXEL™ AC 530 Resonator Stabilizer typically allows stable operation to be resumed within only 15 to 20 minutes following an over night shutdown, not the usual 60 to 120 minutes (or more) seen with other systems.

The LEXEL™ AC 530 Resonator Stabilizer shortens the warm up time for your Laser, as well as it also reduces the long term beam pointing by increasing the resonator stability to allow for extended periods of Single Frequency Operation "Mode Hop" free.   It also provides for hours of SHG generated Deep UV operation.