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            LEXEL LTX Series Mobile Outdoor Portable Chillers

Mobile / Outdoor Portable Chillers

The LEXEL™ LTX Series of robust chillers which are specifically designed for outdoor, mobile applications.

The LTX Series Unit's Standard Features Include:

     > Stainless steel cabinet resists corrosion.
     > Stainless steel NEMA 4 weather proof electrical enclosure.
     > Equipped with "Low Ambient Controls.
     > Operates in -40 C (-40 F) to +40 C (+104 F) ambient temperatures.
     > Ultra High Ambient Temperature (UHAT) option extends ambient operating range up
        to 55 C (131 F).
     > Turbine pump for dependable high flow and pressure characteristics on both
        50 Hz & 60 Hz operation.
     > Silicone carbide pump seals to ensure pump reliability.
     > Patented refrigeration circuitry allows +/-.2 F stability, zero to 100% full load capacity
        control, and eliminates compressor cycling improving compressor life.
     > Provides both heating and cooling in a single unit, allowing the fluid to be brought up to
        temperature during low ambient conditions prior to applying power to the process equipment.
     > For exceptionally cold climate conditions, a special cold climate heating package
        is available.
     > Equipped with environmentally friendly refrigerant (HFC).
     > Scroll compressors for a longer life and increased reliability.
     > Rugged construction using all non ferrous fittings.
     > Heavy duty stainless steel float switch for reservoir level monitoring.
     > A phase monitor verifies the electrical phasing is correct insuring the pump will operate
        in the correct rotation providing proper flow and pressure to the process, and the 
        compressor operates in the correct rotation preventing compressor damage.
     > Integrated anti-drain back system to prevent fluid drain back and reservoir spills when
        the system is shut down.
     > Vent kits to allow automatic venting of the system at start up and during operation.
     > A 30 Micron fluid particle filtration system.
     > A spare parts kit including spare pump seal, float switch, rapid cycle solenoid valve, rapid
        cycle solenoid coil, heater, filters and fan motor.
     > Heavy-duty electrical components, switches, motor starters and lights.
     > Environmental chamber tested under load at temperatures down to
        -40 C (-40 F) and up to +46 C (115 F).
     > Vibration tested.
     > All units CE certified for export to the Euro Market.
     > Service and support contracts available.

All LEXEL portable water chillers are equipped with an adjustable pressure actuated bypass valve which allows for adjustment of flow to the laser or process. Excess flow is routed back to the chiller to protect the unit.

Available with non-ferrous or stainless wetted materials of construction and with a wide selection of motors and pumps. Non-standard units and pricing are available upon request.

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