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LEXEL™ LT Series Laboratory Grade Tables

LEXEL Laboratory Optical TableHigh Quality Vibration Isolation Solutions

Our LEXEL Optical Tables are specifically designed to work best with your new or old LEXEL Laser System in almost any lab environment.

We have done the research of finding the correct, best-suited table which works best for our client's needs.  When you purchase our LEXEL Table for your LEXEL Laser System, you will not be disappointed by the high quality!

Features and Benefits:

     > Tuned damping
     > Ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin 3/16" thick
     > Carbon steel bottom skin 3/16" thick – black polyurethane finish
     > Plated steel, precision formed honeycomb core
     > Lengths to 20', widths to 6' and thicknesses to 36"
     > SPILLPRUF spill management
     > Low reflective surfaces
     > Class 100 Cleanroom Compatible – Class 10 available
     > Table lengths of up to 20'
     > Ideally suited to work with all LEXEL Lasers!

Download an Adobe Acrobat Flyer for the LEXEL L5100T Table Download a .PDF Flyer - Includes Specifications and Performance Data

Legstand support systems available include Vibration Isolation VI Series and the Modular Series.

Customize your table at time of order with splice plates for extra long, wide, and "L", "T", or "U" shaped tables.

Non-standard units and pricing are available upon request.

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