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The LEXEL History

The LEXEL™ laser systems were originally produced starting in 1972 by LEXEL™ Laser, Inc. 

Convinced that there was a need for truly stable, reliable, long-life ion lasers, their team of leading laser engineers developed a fundamental design that was integral to the requirements of demanding applications. 

Over the next 38 years, Lexel laser, Inc. incorporated their original design into a series of laser systems, that, to this day, continue to perform in demanding, real world environments; from exacting research labs in universities and government agencies to rugged industrial and mobile applications.

In June 2002, Cambridge Lasers Laboratories, Inc. acquired the assets, trademarks and intellectual property of LEXEL™ Laser, Inc. and had continued building these LEXEL™ gas-ion laser systems. 
Over the past 8 years Cambridge has made many improvements to the original LEXEL™ gas-ion laser systems, and today we not only manufacture 100% of all our LEXEL™ gas-ion laser products here in the United States, but our commitment to always improving our quality has made the new LEXEL™ laser systems the most reliable gas-ion laser system available on the market today!
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Combining LEXEL's strengths with Cambridge Lasers Laboratories

Cambridge Lasers founder Brian Bohan was educated in the world-renowned A.H. Beck microwave and plasma physics research group at Cambridge University.  His research experience there provided the technical underpinnings for Cambridge Lasers founding in 1982. 

Brian moved to California in 1989 to establish Cambridge Lasers Laboratories within the Silicon Valley area to access the high technology work force and vendor base.  Cambridge Lasers has over the years developed a worldwide reputation for laser system expertise and first-rate customer service.

Incorporating the LEXEL™ laser designs and manufacturing into its corporate profile, Cambridge Lasers developed the LEXEL™ Product Division.  This division, with its team of experienced laser engineers and technicians, has been successful in the continuous production and improvements in the LEXEL™ product lines.

Lasers that outperform all others

At Cambridge Lasers Laboratories, Inc., our goal is to provide medical, scientific and entertainment professionals with laser systems that outperform the competition.

We offer our customers the best value available by improving their current systems or by providing upgraded, remanufactured systems at considerable savings.

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Because a laser system is only as reliable as its weakest component, we ensure the integrity of every part we manufacture through stringent controls and strict adherence to specifications. Plasma tubes are constructed in Class 100 clean environments and processed using ultra clean high-vacuum pump stations employing real-time mass spectrometry.

Our specialized glass engineering and Brewster window manufacturing are the best in the industry. And to ensure that major sub components are of the highest quality, we perform all ceramic machining, metallizing, brazing and welding in-house. Our name doesn't go on the product until we've tested and re-tested every part in the product.

The satisfaction of our customers is just as important as the quality of our products. From initial contact through after-sale support, Cambridge Lasers Laboratories provides the very highest level of service to customers worldwide.

Our knowledgeable engineers are readily available to see that customers receive the prompt, personal attention they deserve. In instances where a laser problem is easily identifiable, we are frequently able to provide a solution over the phone and free of charge.

 And for difficult problems requiring further inspection, we provide honest, unbiased assessments; including an estimate at no cost.

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