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The LEXEL™ 85, 95 and 95L are rugged lasers, precision-engineered for scientific and industrial applications.

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Power supply, head and tube
Standard features
Optional features

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LEXEL™Laser Features:
  Laser head
          Plasma tube
Optical resonator
Power supply
Power supply interior
Single-freq. operation
Model 503 Etalon
Typical freq. stability

LEXEL™ 85 and 95 gas-ion lasers have a 25-year history of the highest quality and performance in the industry. The simple solid ceramic plasma tube design has proven its durability and stability in producing coherent laser light. This is the best value in a small frame (1-7 watt) gas-ion laser.


These lasers are designed for long, stable life in a variety of scientific and industrial applications.

  Scientific applications

  Industrial applications

  > Spectroscopy  
> Holography
> Laser Doppler velocimetry
> Ti:Sapphire/Dye laser pumping
> Cytofluorescence
    > Non-destructive testing  
> Semiconductor processing  
> Disc mastering  
> OEM medical applications

General specifications

The LEXEL™ 85 and 95 lasers are available in three versions:

> 85: Multiline 1 W argon or 1/4 W krypton; 220VAC/30A single-phase operation.
> 95: Multiline 2-4 W argon or 3/4 W krypton; 208VAC/35A three-phase operation.
> 95L: Longer version of the 95. Multiline 5-7 W argon or 1.5 W krypton; 208VAC/50A three-phase operation.

The condensed table below lists key specifications of these lasers.
A separate page has a complete table, with detailed specifications of the 85/95 series (click here to view).

Important: For all items below, the listed specifications represent the general performance of standard models. Individual specifications can often be optimized for specific applications. For example, custom laser wavelengths are available. Please contact LEXEL™ Lasers if you have any special requirements.

(selected lines only - click here for more lines)

  Argon Lasers Krypton Lasers
    Model 85-1 95-2 95-3 95-4 95-5 95-6 95-7 85-K 95-K 95-K
Multiline Operation, power in watts
    All lines 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .225 .75 1.5
Single Line Operation, power in milliwatts
    676.4 nm               50 150 300
    647.1 nm               100 500 1000
    514.5 nm 400 800 1200 1700 2100 2400 2600      
    488.0 nm 350 700 1000 1300 1600 1800 2000      

(selected parameters only - click here for details)


Beam diameter (@ 1/e2 points)
    514.5 nm TEM00 (Argon) 1.1 mm ≤ 1.3 mm ≤ 1.5 mm
    647.1 nm TEM00 (Krypton) 1.2 mm ≤ 1.3 mm ≤ 1.5 mm
Beam divergence3 (full angle)
    514.5 nm TEM00 (Argon) 0.7 mrad 0.6 mrad
    647.1 nm TEM00 (Krypton) 0.9 mrad 0.9 mrad
Amplitude power stability (1 hour period after 30 minute warm-up)
    Light Control ≤ 0.2% ≤ 0.2%
    Current Control ≤ 2.0% ≤ 3.0%


(selected specs only - click here for details)

Optical resonator Solid Invar rod structure
Electrical service requirements 220 VAC
Single phase
50/60 Hz
208 VAC
3-phase Wye or Delta
50/60 Hz
Maximum current draw 30A 35A 50A
Cooling water flow 1.5 gpm at 15 psi
(5.6 liters/min at 1 Atm)
2.0 gpm at 20 psi
(7.5 liters/min at 1.4 Atm)
Laser head, length
Click here for dimensional drawing
34.3 in
(87.2 cm)
41.5 in
(105.4 cm)
50.0 in
(127.0 cm)
Specifications as of 6/2003. Subject to change without notice.

Power supply, head and tube

LEXEL™ 85 and 95 lasers are CDRH-certified with all safety features. They come with a two-year/2,000 hour warranty.

Power supply
power supply front panel contains all controls necessary to operate and fully monitor the laser system.

> Linear low noise power supply
> Current and light regulation
> 0-10V external modulation
> Panel mounted power meter
> Automatic starting
> Remote turn-on capability

Laser head
Within the
laser head, an ultra-stable solid Invar optical resonator holds the plasma tube and mirrors in precise alignment to produce coherent laser light.

> Solid Invar resonator
> Temperature-compensated prism
   wavelength selector
> Fine tuning capability
> Multiline mirror holder for all lines operation

Laser tube
A simple and reliable
plasma tube design. LEXEL™'s solid ceramic plasma tube design has been proven since 1972, while other ion laser manufacturers have tried and abandoned several designs in an attempt to match LEXEL™'s stability and performance. In fact, a majority of the more than 18,000 LEXEL™ plasma tubes still operate today, some with 20,000 hours of use.

> Sealed intracavity spaces Free-flow gas supply > High-efficiency solid ceramic plasma tube

Standard features

Current and light regulation
The LEXEL™ 85 and 95 lasers can be operated in current or light control:

>   Current regulation allows direct control of the current through the plasma tube via an external source.

>   Light regulation provides the ultimate in laser output stabilization. A small portion of the light is sampled within the laser and compared to a reference signal in a differential circuit that automatically adjust the laser current to maintain a constant output.
     This feature also allows for the light level to be modulated externally with a 10 volt signal.

Model 500 Temperature-Compensated Prism Wavelength Selector
Stable single line operation is achieved by LEXEL™ ion lasers with the Model 500 prism wavelength selector. A full Brewster prism is utilized to achieve good separation of even the most closely spaced lines.

Model 502 Multiline Mirror Holder
This assembly holds the high reflector mirror for Multiline operation. This feature may be substituted for the Model 500 wavelength selector.

Fine tuning
The laser is aligned accurately with the use of fine tuning knobs.

Remote turn on
This feature permits the laser power supply to be turned on and off and the plasma tube to be started remotely.

Automatic starting
This circuit automatically starts the plasma tube approximately 20 seconds after the power supply is turned on.

Panel-mounted power meter
This multirange power meter continuously displays the output power of the laser.

Optional features

Model 503 Temperature-Controlled Etalon Assembly
The extremely stable etalon assembly allows single longitudinal mode operation, for applications requiring long coherence length and very narrow line width. The output power is typically in the range of 50% of the original output.



Model 510 Laser Power Meter
The easy-to-use power meter can be used with argon, krypton, mixed-gas and dye laser systems.

Model 507 Adapter
An adapter threads into the 3/4"-32 optical thread at the output aperture of the laser converting it to a 1-32 female thread for mounting optical accessories with this larger size thread.

Model 508 Remote Power Monitor
A power monitor operates in conjunction with the option 7507 panel mounted power meter to allow continuous monitoring of the laser power at locations away from the power supply.

Model 7504 Rack-Mounted Power Supply
All LEXEL™ 85/95 power supplies can be equipped with a rack mounting panel for mounting in a standard 19"(438mm) equipment cabinet.

Other Optical Accessories
Accessories such as beam expanders, spatial filters, cavity-dumpers, mode-lockers or dye lasers are commonly used with LEXEL™ lasers. Please contact LEXEL™ Lasers if these or any other special accessories are required.

Intracavity Workspace
Any LEXEL™ model can be supplied with an extended resonator which has a longer intracavity space at the output end of the laser. This extra space may be used for various intracavity experiments or for mounting acousto-optic devices such as cavity dumpers.


For pricing and availability, call or email us.



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