The LEXEL™ Legacy Systems

A "Legacy System" is our polite way of describing a used system that has been totally rebuilt and refinished.  The used system is dismantled down to major component level, all parts are checked and replaced where necessary. 

A new LEXEL™ plasma tube is manufactured and new optics are supplied.  The system is calibrated and goes through our rigorous "Final Test" as if it were a new LEXEL™ product.  Finally the outer covers are replaced and color matched to our new design.

We acquire used systems in the course of business.  Many people choose to upgrade and use their older system as a trade-in. Rather than scrap these systems we take the responsible position of recycling and, at the same time, make the LEGACY system available to users with limited budgets.

LEGACY  systems are available in nearly all of our product range, all LEGACY systems carry full warranties.