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 News & Press Releases
2016 Dan Tracy has announced that he will retire.  Dan has a long history with LEXEL Laser, Inc. and Cambridge Lasers Labs, Inc.
2016 Cambridge Lasers Labs., Inc. is sad to announce that Eric D. Brown, MBA - Marketing & Sales Director has left the company to secure a management opportunity with another business consulting company that is outside of the Photonics Industry.
2015 Kevin Ostler joins Cambridge Laser Labs.  Kevin will be overseeing the new project to redesign the LEXEL Power Supply.
Kevin has previously started, and owned, two Laser Companies, one of these companies went public.
2013 Dr. Shaoping Lu joins Cambridge Lasers Labs as a consultant to redesign the SHG Laser - Objective, to create a "dual-beam" Deep UV high power output, optimized for PIC and FBG manufacturing sector.
2012 Engineer and Service Technician Mr. David Styles joins Cambridge Lasers Labs after leaving COHERENT.
2010 Cambridge Lasers Laboratories, Inc. announces the Marketing Department has finished the Beta testing of the new website.
2010 Cambridge Lasers Laboratories, Inc. hires Eric D. Brown, MBA as their Marketing & Sales Director.  Mr. Brown will work on developing a new Marketing strategy to promote the LEXEL Laser Division.

White Papers & Manuscripts

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