LEXEL™ Replacement Plasma Tubes

One of the problems with high stress equipment such as ion laser systems is that they do fail.  When your system requires a new LEXEL™ tube, we can provide you with a high quality original LEXEL™ tube. 

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Top grade equipment

No other comparable company can match LEXEL™'s services and facilities. We use the latest laser technologies and equipment.

We have five processing stations, together with two clean rooms to ensure a pollution-free environment for operation of critical reprocessing techniques. Our work force was recently doubled to satisfy increasing demand.


The LEXEL™ Legacy Systems

A "Legacy System" is our polite way of describing a used system that has been totally rebuilt and refinished.  The used system is dismantled down to major component level, all parts are checked and replaced where necessary. 

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LEXEL™ undertakes stringent testing of all components and subassemblies, includingbrewseters windows power supplies, during the refurbishment process. We also carry out extensive performance tests on our laser tubes.

Today, replacement LEXEL™ laser tubes supplied four years ago are still going strong! 

Thanks to confidence in our quality and service, LEXEL™ can supply extended warranties on our repaired tubes.


LEXEL™ is an international company, with agents located globally. Our service is increasingly popular and orders are being received from research organizations in the public and private sector worldwide.

Whatever the distance, we ensure that your repaired LEXEL™ equipment is always returned safely and quickly.